However there might be some rumored about his separation and divorce with Missy but it is not true at all and we all know rumor grows as it goes. There is another rumor regarding his sexual orientation that he is gay but as we can clearly see that his partner is Missy which is strong proof that is straight guy.He seems happy family guy who is happy with his lovely partner Missy and two beautiful children.Looking deeply at his early days, the super-star was born on January 29, 1969 and his birth place is New Orleans, Louisiana, US.

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Despite his kindness and thoughtful nature, he does have anger management problems, which seem to be common among Shifters.

His temper issues grow more volatile as the show progresses, but he's recently been managing to mellow out despite all the emotional trauma he's been facing.

Trammell is about to return to screens in series four of HBO's True Blood, in which he plays shape shifter Sam Merlotte.

The actor and his co-stars are currently promoting the show, and were on the red carpet this weekend at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills, California.

Predator: Requiem, The Details, Gun, Girls and Gambling, Crazy Kind of Love, Dead Weight, White Rabbit, Me, The Fault in Our Stars, Things People Do, and The Aftermath.

He has been successful in television series and has done numerous television shows such as Maximum Bob, Trinity, Going to California, House, Strong Medicine, Judging Amy, Bones, CSI: NY, Numbers, Justice, Dexter, Cold Case, true blood, Medium, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, children’s Hospitals.

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True Blood star Sam Trammell has revealed that his longterm girlfriend Missy Yager is pregnant with twins.'The couple is thrilled and excited,' a representative for the actor told People magazine.