If you do notice any omissions then please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know!One of the earliest Norman castles in Wales, Abergavenny dates from around 1087.

Briefly besieged in 1294, it was attacked again during the early 15th century by Owain Glyndwr, who eventually captured it in 1406.

The English recaptured the castle in 1408, following a siege that involved the first known use of cannon in Britain.

Most of the buildings were badly damaged in the English Civil War, when the castle was slighted to prevent it becoming used as a stronghold again.

In 1819 the present square keep type like building, now housing the Abergavenny Museum, was constructed on top of the motte. Overlooking Aberystwyth harbour, the castle was built by Edward I in his endeavour to conquer Wales.

The oriel window, a bay to end all bay windows, is one of Raglan’s defining features.

It lit up the high table at the dais end of the hall.

Restricted opening times and entrance charges apply.

Set at the confluence of the Honddu and the River Usk, at one of the few places where the river could be forded, Bernard de Neufmarch erected the first Norman motte and bailey fortress around 1093.

Come and see where an episode of BBC's Merlin was filmed.

Embrace your inner inventor as you experience new installations, exhibitions and creations at the grandest castle ever built by a Welshman.

Everything’s great about this place, from its great tower, which evokes memories of earlier fortresses like Caernarfon, to the great gatehouse, which ‘wows’ the visitor just as its owner intended.