This view contains the Actual Start and Finish, Percent Complete, Actual Duration, Remaining Duration, Actual Cost and Actual Work Fields.

To switch to the Task Sheet/Tracking Table View: To enter numeric values in the % completed and Actual Duration fields, use the up and down arrows on the spin box controls to change the values or type a number in the cell. Select the tasks you want to update and click the appropriate % complete button on the toolbar Project draws a line that connects in-progress tasks and tasks that should have started.

The Earned Value Table, applied to a task view like the Gantt Chart, lists all the relevant Earned value data.

Importing moves data from another application into Project while exporting saves Project data so that it can be used in other applications.

Importing data directly prevents typing errors and saves time.

You can display this variance by switching to tracking Gantt Chart View and selecting the Variance Table.

The Tracking Gantt Chart shows a baseline task bar in gray and blue or red bars for actual or scheduled tasks (dates).

Description of the Tracking toolbar buttons: Click the Update Tasks button from the Tracking toolbar and type a date. Peaks pointing to the left represent work behind schedule and those pointing to the right represent work ahead of schedule.

Earned Value Analysis is a set of simple calculations that separate budget performance from work performance so you can manage costs and work in the midst of chaos.Tracking information like Start and Finish dates, percentage of scheduled task duration completed, updating and rescheduling tasks will afford greater accuracy in finishing your project on time.You can update most project data by using the Tracking table in the Task Sheet View.Once your Project is underway, it may be necessary to revise and change information about tasks and resources due to sudden and unforeseen changes in plans and deadlines.Tracking progress in an orderly manner will help keep your plan up to date and in this lesson you will learn to use these tracking tools.It is a Web site on the Intranet and is devoted to tracking a companys active projects.