Exposures along rivers at Elizabethtown, Goldsboro, Ivanhoe, Lock, Willis Creek and Tar River in North Carolina were systematically collected.

Perhaps the most popular is found in Thus after one of the fiercest battles, in which their supporting column was driven from the field and they successfully fought it out alone, in the exchange of compliments of the occasion the North Carolinians were greeted with the question from the passing derelict regiment: "Any more tar down in the Old North State, boys? From the North Carolina Collection Photographic Archives, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, USA.

" Quick as thought came the answer: "No, not a bit; old Jeff's bought it all up." "Is that so; what is he going to do with it? "he is going to put it on you'ns heels to make you stick better in the next fight." (Vol. 376) During the late unhappy war between the States it [North Carolina] was sometimes called the "Tar-heel State," because tar was made in the State, and because in battle the soldiers of North Carolina stuck to their bloody work as if they had tar on their heels, and when General Lee said, "God bless the Tar-heel boys," they took the name. 6) While there may be no direct proof that Robert E.

The province was to be comprised of all the land lying between "the Ocean upon the east side & soe to the west & soe fare as the Continent extends itselfe...." The northern border was to be the 36th parellel (roughly on a line from Kill Devil Hills to Knoxville Tn.).

The southern border was the 31st parellel, thus extending through most of Georgia (the state border between Florida and Alabama follows this line of latitude).

The historians Hugh Lefler and Albert Newsome, in their book (3rd edition, 1973, p.

97) state categorically that "[i]n fact, North Carolina led the world in the production of naval stores from about 1720 to 1870, and it was this industry which gave to North Carolina its nickname, 'Tar Heel State'." Various stories and legends have sprung up to explain where the name came from.

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