CLIPPER 14 / PATENT PENDING - - 15.5'" malleable self adjust with replaceable jaw inserts.

Unmarked - 6" unusual center screw adjust nut wrench.

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16, 1853 (weak markings on reverse side, not all readable) - - 12" Coes Double Screw Nut Wrench patented by Aury Coes. 2 - MADE BY THOMAS CHATWIN LTD BIRMINGHAM - - 12" odd screw adjustable nut wrench.

LEVER WRENCH - THE LEVER CO NY - PAT APPL'D FOR - - 8" all steel automotive type wrench with a lever to apply final tightening.

A threaded shaft screw adjust nut wrench made by Geo.

Lot of two: (1.) Unmarked - - 12" Taft's Railroad & Mowing Machine Wrench . Sometimes found with Taft's May 31, 1859 patent date. (S418, C295) (2.) Unmarked - - 8" Robinson Patent June16, 1885 Coes type monkey wrench with the adjusting screw supporting ferrule.

I have tried to list the company or companies associated with each wrench. CRESSEY (weak markings) - - 14" wooden handled screw adjust with coarse threaded shaft and spring loaded lower jaw.

ASBURY WARRANTED - 10" all metal nut wrench with an unique adjustment screw mounted on the side of the curved handle. Advertised as Bornstein's Improved Patent Vise Wrench by American Improved Wrench Co.

WILLIAMS ABCN-12 USA - - 14" pointed end construction (or spud) alignment wrench with Crescent type head. Marked only "1869" - - 14.75" screw adjust pipe wrench with a tightening lever.

The replaceable jaw insert is missing otherwise Good .

1879 patent was issued to Dan Foster of Waltham, MA, the 1883 to Frank Armstrong, Bridgeport, CT. Scarce covered handle variant in a larger size than normally seen.