' Lost in Light II - a short film on Light Pollution ,' from filmmaker and night sky photographer Sriram Murali, pans across several ‘levels’ of light pollution, from San Francisco (level 8) to Goblin Valley State Park, Utah (level 1).

A new Black Mirror episode has cast a chilling outlook on the rise of robotic companions like Boston Dynamics’ nimble mechanical ‘dogs.’ (pictured inset) Boston Dynamics’ videos chronicling the dogs’ progression have risen to viral fame – but, despite their popularity and incredible abilities, some people, including the show’s creators, have noticed something unnerving about the robo-dogs.

f all goes according to plane, the Falcon Heavy will lifting off and enter orbit before two of its booster rockets separate off and return to Earth at Cape Canaveral in controlled landings.

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Facebook is offering political parties support to help them win elections.

The social media giant has set up a government and politics unit and had staff involved in Donald Trump's US election campaign.

Last month, China conducted the first flight tests of its new hypersonic ballistic missile, revealing new insight on how it might operate in the real world. With a roar loud enough to shake a forest and a green, scaly skin, it has long been regarded as the slickest villain of the prehistoric world.

But according to a upcoming BBC2 documentary, The Real with Chris Packham, Tyrannosaurus Rex looked entirely different to the terrifying image so familiar from depictions on the silver screen.

The biochemist attempted to give himself super strength by removing a protein that inhibits muscle growth in his left arm, via an injection of DIY gene therapy.

Now Dr Zayner (main image) has said we are 'slaves to the genomes we have', claiming humanity will develop into a new species thanks to widespread genetic engineering.In September 2017, a new iceberg calved from Pine Island Glacier, one of the main outlets where the West Antarctic Ice Sheet flows into the ocean.However, just weeks later B-44 shattered into more than 20 fragments.It might be easy to forget the brilliance of the night sky when brightly lit skylines and cities that ‘never sleep’ have become the norm for so many.But, a stunning new short film now stands as a stark reminder.Measuring just 1.6 feet (0.5 metres) long and weighing 0.4 kg (0.79 lbs), the predator is one of only a handful of intersex sharks ever found, and the first of its species.