But an online trailer for "Body of Lies" included a couple of seconds of footage showing Farahani without a headscarf.

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A One-Woman Show Set in Afghanistan, the film is essentially a one-woman show, a manifesto told in gorgeous images. A silent man and a talkative woman -- some Europeans with a bit of life experience might see this as the basis for a happy marriage, or at least the stuff of a successful comedy.

Farahani portrays a mother of two caring for her injured husband. But in Afghanistan, a woman can end up in mortal danger for opening her mouth.

At 16, she cut off her hair and dressed in boys' clothes so she could ride her bicycle through Tehran.

Farahani comes from an artistic family, with a father who is a theater director and a mother, sister and brother who all act or direct.

China, Russia, the USA and even Germany, all condemn and often punish those, whose views of do not agree with what is generally accepted.

Good article, interesting to see such a dynamic person in such a dynamic (constantly changing) situation.

Hardliners in Tehran could conceivably even take it as a provocation that Farahani chooses to meet SPIEGEL for an interview at the cafe in Paris' Hotel Amour -- a hotel that was once a brothel.

But for Farahani, freedom means no longer having to constantly consider how the things she does might be judged by the morality police in her homeland of Iran.

The film that would change Farahani's life was "Body of Lies," a Hollywood thriller with British director Ridley Scott ("Gladiator") at the helm and Russell Crowe and Leonardo Di Caprio in the leading roles.

Scott was looking for a young actress from the Middle East to play a large supporting role, as a nurse with whom Di Caprio's CIA agent falls in love.

But shortly before she was due to depart, at age 17, Farahani told her parents she had different plans.