This group has been repeatedly subject to bans in the past, and continues to be banned in a number of countries today.

Has this ban resulted in the cessation of Witness activity in these places? Rather, we see that Witnesses still believe what they believe.

As we have discussed, banning a belief does not stop people believing it. Because now, for a JW, cutting off and avoiding those who leave the faith isn’t just a matter of their spiritual life and death.

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Thus all one has to show for the weeping mountain of human torment and blood soaked misery caused by a ban is the same JW organisation, right back where it was, often stronger and more faithful than before. Enacting a ban is not a magic “make-cult-go-away” wand.

Now that we’ve established this key point, lets move on the “Unholy Trinity” and I will lay out my case for why the ban won’t stop these things but will make them even worse.

Some would say so, and on the surface this might seem sensible.

After all, things that are very harmful should automatically be illegal, right? History has many examples of things that are harmful becoming even more so when placed under ban; take a look at Prohibition America.

If the details or even the existence of any of this got out, you risk arrest and imprisonment.

Now, ask yourself: If you were a JW, are you more likely or less likely to associate with those you consider hostile to your faith in this situation?Eloim has the face of a bear; Iaue, the face of a cat.One is just, the other is unjust: Iaue is just, Eloim is unjust.This edition features a brand-new, comprehensive primary source program in-text and online, expanded chapters devoted to the lives of ordinary people that make the past real and relevant, and the best and latest scholarship throughout. These are probably the three most harmful practices that the Watchtower organisation is guilty of. Granted, there are many more problems in Watchtower, but few are of quite the same magnitude. Stupid but not something that warrants an FBI investigation.Imagine that you are a JW, part of this forbidden group.