William Warren began selling insurance for another company shortly after their marriage.He later worked for Continental Can Co., and after that for Widdicomb Furniture. At one point, they lived in Toledo, Ohio, where Elizabeth was employed at the department store Lasalle & Koch as a demonstrator, a job that entailed being a model and saleswoman.

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Neither was shy about their mutual love and equal respect, and they were known to have a strong personal and political partnership.

In the opinion of The New York Times and several presidential historians, "Mrs.

She worked a production line for a frozen-food company in Fulton, New York.

When they returned to Grand Rapids, she worked again at Herpolsheimer's, this time as "The" Fashion Coordinator. Just after Betty decided to file for divorce, he went into a coma.

Gerald Ford was then campaigning for what would be his first of thirteen terms as a member of the U. The Fords moved to the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D. Gerald Ford rose to become the highest-ranking Republican in the House.

After Spiro Agnew resigned as Vice President in 1973, President Richard Nixon appointed Gerald Ford to the position.

Throughout her husband's term in office, she maintained high approval ratings despite opposition from some conservative Republicans who objected to her more moderate and liberal positions on social issues.

Ford was noted for raising breast cancer awareness following her 1974 mastectomy.

He succeeded to the presidency in 1974, upon Nixon's resignation in the wake of the Watergate scandal.

The Fords, who were married 58 years until Gerald's death, were among the more openly affectionate First Couples in United States history.

She took care of him for another two years as he convalesced, at his family's home.