Lifting weights can make you feel like a badass and will make your body look amazing.

For this training plan, you'll work each muscle group once per week.

İzleyiciyi oyalamadan direk yayına ulaştırmak için tasarlanmış sitemizde kanallar alternatif bağlantılar ile desteklenmiş olup kesinti veya donmalarda alternatif yayınlar ziyarete sunulmuştur.

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Second, start a workout plan that has a great balance of weight training and cardio.

Don't worry ladies—you won't bulk up from lifting weights!

For those who don’t know (and who are over 25), Snapchat is a new messaging service that’s super popular on i OS and Android. Photos you send auto-delete themselves after a set amount of seconds.

And yes, it’s coming to Windows Phone--unofficially officially.

Part of that experience is disabling screen-captures of expiring photos—after all, that defeats the whole purpose.

Indeed on i OS and Android, if you screen-cap the pic, it will tell the other person that you did.

During Week 2, each exercise should be done for 3 sets of 12 reps, except for abdominal exercises which should be done for 3 sets of 25 reps.

After getting our unofficial Instagram app for Windows Phone, people’s eyes turned the next big thing in social media: Snapchat (

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