Selecting the major by the beginning of the third semester is strongly encouraged so that the recommended schedule of classes can be followed. Advanced theory of turbojet, fanjet (multi-spool), variable cycle engines, ramjet and bypass air breathing propulsion systems. Two semesters of enrollment required for all MS, ME Ph D and DE aspirants and candidates.

Each engineering degree program includes courses in 5 general areas of study: The computer science degree program has a similar structure, but computer science courses replace some engineering courses. Course will cover the fundamentals of engineering wind-powered electric generators. Theory and design of inlets, compressors, burners and turbines.

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A strong college preparatory program provides a good background for the student who plans to major in engineering. degree in computer science, interdisciplinary computing, and information technology. Design and internal construction of major structural components: wing, fuselage, empennage, landing gear, engine pylons.

The school encourages all qualified students to participate in the University Honors Program. degree is offered with majors in aerospace engineering, architectural engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, engineering physics, mechanical engineering, and petroleum engineering. Undergraduates usually enroll in engineering in their first year. Presentation and discussion of graduate student research. Each meeting will include either a faculty-guided seminar on one of the core course topics or presentations by students on a research topic. Layout of major structures and system interfaces, internal geometry, material alternates, manufacturing alternates and design constraints.

Some foreign language courses may be applied toward graduation in engineering programs. Study of inlets, compressors, burners, fuels, turbines, jets, methods of analysis, testing, performance; environmental considerations.

A foreign language that is similar to the native language is not acceptable.

All petitions are approved by the Engineering Dean's Office with the guidance of the student's advisor and department.

Engineering students may minor in many liberal arts areas or in the schools of Business, Journalism and Mass Communications, or Music. Study of the basic principles of operation and systems of internal and external combustion engines with emphasis on airplane reciprocating engines.

A KU engineering education helps students understand technical principles and the background behind them and prepares them for the changes ahead. Single and multiple degree of freedom free and forced vibration.

Most graduates assume responsible positions in business, industry, education, or government, but engineering programs also provide an excellent background for other careers.

Information on use of foreign language courses is available in each engineering program listing. Lecture and laboratory, study of basic principles of propulsion systems with emphasis on jets and fan systems.

A student seeking an exception to the rules and practices of the school should first consult an advisor and then petition the school to consider the exception. Study of inlets, compressors, burners, fuels, turbines, jets, methods of analysis, testing, performance; environmental considerations.

Prospective engineering students should take mathematics through at least trigonometry and at least one year of both chemistry and physics.