Start a gratitude ritual by journaling what you are grateful for or saying your list aloud upon waking or before falling asleep.

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Check out these 10 tips to boost your self-confidence.1. Many women don't change their hair style for five or more years at a time.

Getting a new cut or color gives you a fresh new look that can help you feel younger and much more attractive.2. Work with a makeup artist who can show you the best colors and application methods to accent your natural beauty.

It takes inner work to recognize your strengths and accept your faults and flaws,” Sedacca said.

Did you know both men and women prefer to date someone who has confidence?

These professionals have many tricks to help you look younger and vibrant.3. If you don't know the right colors and styles that suit your skin tone and body type, work with a wardrobe consultant!

Some high-end department stores have them on staff or you might ask friends for a referral.

“If you have interests, friends, family, a life around you, you need someone to enhance your life not who consumes your life,” Safran said.

In addition, people who are self-confident tend to take care of themselves physically and emotionally.

Rosalind Sedacca, a dating coach and mentor and co-author of , said that self-confidence is critical to relationship success in many ways.