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The National Institute of Justice says 80–95 percent of those women know their attackers, and that about half of the attacks occur on dates. The Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN) reports that 1 in 33 American men experiences an attempted or completed rape in his lifetime.

It’s because of numbers like these that Cagle and fellow SRJC student and Feminists United member Melissa Debret have written a resolution calling for a mandatory class at SRJC on sexual assault.

Colette suspects that her date put a “roofie” or date-rape drug like Rohypnol in her drink.

Hannah Cagle, a member of the SRJC club Feminists United, says that what happened to Colette goes on “all of the time.” According to the Association of American Universities (AAU), one in four US college women is sexually assaulted within a four-year college career.

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The proposed resolution comes in the wake of the federal 2013 Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (Campus Sa VE) Act, which requires colleges to provide programs that proactively address campus sexual assault. Educating both men and women about what does and does not constitute consent is a major component of Cagle and Debret’s proposed class.

This focus reflects a shift from past national and local sexual assault prevention education that placed emphasis on teaching students to protect themselves by walking with a friend at night, carrying their keys in their hands, staying in lighted areas, and the like.

The reasons for the change are two-fold, says Lia Holbrook, who for almost ten years has been the prevention education/volunteer coordinator at Project Sanctuary, the Ukiah-based Mendocino County rape crisis center.