If you think I'm being childish, then you're the pot calling the kettle black as far as I'm concerned. I never said my stories are perfect, in fact I know they're not, it's why I don't mind polite non-insulting critisim. For all of you that are polite when review, thank you and please don't stop. And if you don't like my story, don't read it.00000000000000000000000000000000For those of you that read these profiles, I have another rant.

Even if you have multiple unfinished stories posted?

It's not like I plan on starting a whole new story, just to leave another work-in-progress that is unfinished.

If any of you are reading this, even if I'm not a fan of the genre's you write in, I applaud you for this ability to focus on one story. My mind simply does not work this way, even as I'm writing this, my mind is going on three constantly changing tangents.

When I'm inspired, I write, when I'm not, I work on something else.

I wish I could say that yes, I can focus on one story and finish it, I really do.

And I applaud those authors on this site that are capable of it.

However, to get this review on a COMPLETE ONE-SHOT, ticked me off.

Honestly, I get that unfinished stories are annoying, there are several stories on site that I wish authors would just hurry up and finish.

If you're polite, I'll be polite, and depending on the review, I'll politely inform you in an author's note or PM you. I do this for fun, but I still put in time, thought, and effort into my stories (however poor or great they may seem to you).

If you insult me in a PM, I'll read it, delete it, block you, and that will be the end of it. And I take people who insult my work, paid or not, as an insult to myself.

Now, if this was for another, multi-chaptered story, I'd understand it.