You will need to download the required files, read the rest of this page and watch the instructional video in order to avoid damage to your device.

Never interrupt i Phone jailbreaks or restores by unplugging your device as you can brick your phone. Any deviation from the proper execution of the software described on this site is likely to cause unexpected problems.

If you still encounter the error, or you find another i Tunes error, go back into the hosts file and place # (pound sign) in front of the IP addresses in question, thereby preventing their association.

I forgot my i Phone password and desperately needed to find it.

Apple security is designed to keep people from getting into your phone without authorization so my options were limited.

Thanks to some new software you may very well be able to access the information on your phone without a restore.

Maybe you simply forgot your i Phone password since it hasn’t been used for a while.

You may need to flush your DNS cache for the change to take effect, though usually just quitting and relaunching i Tunes is sufficient to get the app to recognize the change.

Once your i OS update is finished, go back to the hosts file and remove the “” line again so that i Tunes can properly update as usual.

Or better yet, just let i Tunes or i OS update itself without trying to use the firmware files manually.

If you need them, you can get the latest versions of i Phone firmware, i Pad firmware, and i Pod touch firmware directly from Apple.

Initially that’s not a problem, but it can trigger the error when i OS is later attempted to be updated to a new version, restored from a backup, or modified.

Most modern jailbreak apps will make the necessary changes to prevent the error from ever being triggered, but that isn’t always the case.

The Apple logo displays on the device, and then a blank screen displays. A prompt opens in i Tunes, asking if you want to restore the device.