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She entered and won a talent contest on the television programme Sing, Sing, Sing, hosted by 1960s Australian icon Johnny O'Keefe, performing the songs "Anyone Who Had a Heart" and "Everything's Coming Up Roses".

That same year the group made two single recordings, "You're My Baby Now/Goin' Back" and "I Could Never Live Without Your Love/Roll Like A River".

Innovative Pilot High School places a special emphasis on communication and technology.

The site features sharply varying slopes and a total relief of 380 feet.

Yet rather than displacing huge quantities of soil, architectural firm Morphosis instead chose to integrate the design with the surrounding landscape.

The innovative campus in downtown Los Angeles cost 2 million to build and was designed by international architecture firm Coop Himmelb(l)au.

While other local broadcasters in the region would assiduously avoid material embarrassing to their home governments (Qatar had its own official TV station as well), Al Jazeera was pitched as an impartial news source and platform for discussing issues relating to the Arab world.

In presenting "The opinion and the other opinion" (the station's motto), it did not take long for Al Jazeera to shock local viewers by presenting Israelis speaking Hebrew on Arab television for the first time.

The Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa, provided a loan of QAR 500 million (US7 million) to sustain Al Jazeera through its first five years, as Hugh Miles detailed in his book Al Jazeera: The Inside Story of the Arab News Channel That Is Challenging the West.

Shares were held by private investors as well as the Qatar government.

Initially launched as an Arabic news and current-affairs satellite TV channel, Al Jazeera has since expanded into a network with several outlets, including the Internet and specialty television channels in multiple languages.