Zapcic as a strong but sensitive advocate on their behalf.Matrimonial matters include the following: • Child Custody and Visitation • Parenting Time • Post-Divorce Custody Modifications • Child Support Enforcement • Property Division • Alimony/Maintenance • Equitable Distribution of Property • Out-of-State Relocation of Custodial Parent • Pendente Lite • Domestic Violence In criminal and municipal court, Mr.Criminal and municipal matters include the following: • Assault • Disorderly Conduct • Domestic Violence • Drug Possession and Distribution • Harassment • Juvenile Delinquency • Theft • Burglary • Criminal Mischief • Disorderly Conduct In 1999, Mr.

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That case was tried in Hunterdon County over the course of eighteen non-consecutive days, with the claimants receiving less than 4% of their claim from the estate.

Probate/Estate matters include: • Wills • Power of Attorneys • Living Wills • Will Contest • Probate Mr.

Zapcic has handled thousands of personal injury cases over the last 30 years. Zapcic comes from a medical family, having been raised by a doctor father and a nurse mother.

That upbringing, coupled with his experience in handling personal injuries over the past thirty plus years, has enabled him to understand and grasp the anatomy and physiology of the human body, in order to educate the juries as to the particular body part injured in the accident and the effect that injury will have on the injured party and his/her family.Members may also participate in the GMEA Solo & Ensemble performance evaluation and may audition for county, Atlanta-area, and state-wide honor orchestras.Membership in the Philharmonic Orchestra is by audition only (auditions take place in early May each year).The Concert Orchestra also takes part in the GMEA Large Group Performance Evaluation.Membership in the Symphonic Orchestra is by audition only (auditions take place in early May each year).Zapcic has a unique perspective into the demands on a husband and wife, and the impact of a marital dissolution upon the children.