and sweet papaya, and Roger tells me about the grandparents he never met.

Rose Summerfield and Jack Cadogan arrived at New Australia in 1899, with their newborn son León.

It was to be a utopia of equality, fairness for workers, and communal living – and from there, they would change the world. Heat and humidity smother the city as I wander down the silent, empty streets of the capital.

One of the most ambitious schemes in Australian history, it failed miserably; but descendents of those pioneers still live there, and preserve fragments of their Australian past. Purple bougainvillaea flowers tumble over walls, and ripening mangoes drip from trees lining the foot path.

If the colonists left Australia to avoid tyranny and inequality, it’s somewhat ironic that they ended up in Paraguay.

Until 1989, the country suffered an unbroken series of dictators since its independence from Spain in 1811, culminating in the brutal reign of Alfredo Stroessner.

team would soon be eliminated, but it pulled off an unexpected win against Costa Rica, 4-0, and was optimistic heading into Saturday’s game against Paraguay.

center back John Brooks threw himself forward, slide-tackling a Paraguayan to steal the ball back, feet from the goal. But in the second half, defender De Andre Yedlin earned a second yellow card after a stupidly rough tackle on a Paraguayan player. Now, Paraguay has been democratic for nearly two decades, but it is still plagued by corruption and poverty.The drug trade thrives, and every Asunción street corner sports a Kalashnikov-toting policeman.Rose had been well-known in the socialist and women’s suffrage movements in Sydney.“I know that my grandmother Rose was a personality.She was a feminist in another time, when you women didn’t have any rights at all,” he tells me.The pledges to teetotalism and the ‘colour line’ he had required of the new settlers had seemed logical back in Australia – but here, surrounded by the temptations of beautiful Guaraní women (in a country where roughly 80% of the population were female) and As one of the colony’s descendents, famous comic-book writer Robin Wood, put it to me: “Lane had two rules: 1) No booze. Even more isolated than Nueva Australia, Cosme struggled on until 1909 – but Lane himself left in 1899 after it became obvious his grand plan was doomed to failure.