You cannot apply online if you have not registered these details.

If you did use it last year and already submitted all required details, you can just use your existing log in details.

You’ll only be able to carry on with the following steps when applications open on 18th April.

Enter your child’s first name, the grade you’re applying for, whether or not they have a sibling already attending at the intended school and which physical address you want to use to apply.

When you click “Apply”, your learner application will be sent to the sibling’s school and to the schools closest to your address.

If they don’t have a sibling at the intended school and based on the physical address you entered, you’ll be shown which schools are nearest to you which will be receiving your application.

There are a number of important things parents must note before they head over to the website and begin the process, so as to avoid frustration and confusion, namely: Visit GDE Admissions.

If you didn’t use the GDE Admissions site last year, you’ll have to first register before beginning the process.

You’ll be asked to select whether you’re a South African citizen or foreigner.

Once you’ve selected either option (we’ll use South African citizen in this guide), you’ll be asked to verify your ID number.

Your ID number will be detected by the system and you’ll have to answer a few security questions using your personal details.

If you correctly answer the security questions, your information will be retrieved onto the registration form for updating and validation.

You can use the admissions on a desktop computer or smartphone.