The body of this locomotive is molded in gray plastic and is fully painted.

The blue paint was applied first, it was masked, and then the yellow paint was applied.

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Some 30 years later, the concept had barely changed.

In this 1953 ad, Junior is down on the floor with the trains, while Dad and Mom snuggle in a comfortable chair, clearly delighted.

Browning earned a Bachelor of Arts in English language and literature from the University of Virginia.

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He envisioned father and son bonding through his model trains, and a Lionel layout became a staple in living rooms across the country especially during Christmas time.

By the1960's, there was a decline in the sales of Lionel Trains due to the onset of other modes of transportation and the generation gap between Fathers and sons.

The VIRGINIAN and BLT BY LIONEL lettering on both sides was applied in yellow with a rubber stamp.

There is a Fairbanks Morse logo BOSTON & MAINE ALCO A-B ***UNCATALOGUED SEARS AND MADISON HARDWARE ENGINES - 1960 ONLY*** This would typically knock the grade down to a VG automatically, but we're still saying 'excellent' because the bodies are impeccable otherwise.

There are a few ways to find out how old you Lionel train is.