Presumably, all of these teams also depended on Nielsen numbers to calculate game viewership.

I say “presumably,” because the Astros and Penguins have yet to respond to my questions about how they handled the calculation of viewership numbers during their parties.

Hiding behind rules is the refuge of the weak-minded.” I like how you think, Ron. But even if profits were somehow affected, Bob Hepburn of Philly says, so what?

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The Bills' offense -- which has gone three-and-out on 48 percent of drives this season, second most in the NFL -- will be playing short-handed at wide receiver because of a thumb injury to No. Tyrod Taylor has excelled in passing to Charles Clay and Le Sean Mc Coy this season, but the Bengals boast the NFL's lowest yards per catch (6.49) by opposing tight ends and running backs.

Bengals 13, Bills 9 -- Mike Rodak The Bengals have a tough matchup against one of the league's best defenses (Buffalo is 10th overall), but it looks like their offense finally has begun to click in the past two weeks.

Stafford already has been sacked 12 times, and the Panthers, with future Hall of Famer Julius Peppers playing at a high level (4.5 sacks), have the firepower to get Stafford off his game.

Panthers 24, Lions 21 -- David Newton Defending Newton will be tough, and linebacker Luke Kuechly could cause Stafford some issues, but the Lions have shown they are one of the better teams in the NFC.

“Last year, we raised over $850,000 for Habitat for Humanity when we went to the finals,” he says, which lifted the Cavs’ total watch-party charitable donations to over $2 million.

“This is entirely about fan and community engagement.

By now, it’s just part of our DNA.” But what about counting those all-important viewers? “Quite simply,” Carper says, “sometimes what we think counts is not always necessary; and sometimes what matters most can’t be counted.” If Carper’s inspiring words don’t motivate the NFL to change its policy, here’s an idea: Its teams could charge hometown fans a small admission fee to the watch party, the way the Cavs do.

But instead of donating it to charity, they could kick it back to the NFL to help pay down Roger Goodell’s lavish job benefits.

Pick Center | Tickets The Bills might be 3-1 and playing the 1-3 Bengals, but Vegas seems to like Cincinnati in this game.