The march aims to bring together women across diverse backgrounds and send a bold message to the new administration that they will not be ignored or have their rights stomped on.

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Founder members Kathleen Richardson of De Montfort University and Erik Billing of the University of Skövde claimed Sex Robots would be socially harmful, and demeaning to women and children.

Cape Town – A 24-year-old Bloemfontein woman has been rescued from a suspected sex-trafficking enterprise in Malaysia, and is expected to return home to South Africa by Monday.

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She said: Our research aims to carve a new narrative, moving away from sex robots purely defined as machines used as sex objects, as substitutes for human partners, made by men, for men.“A machine is a blank slate – it is what we make of it. Sex Robots have their fans and their detractors in roughly equal measure.

David Levy, the chess champion and author of Love and Sex with Robots said: "I believe that loving sex robots will be a great boon to society.“There are millions of people out there who, for one reason or another, cannot establish good relationships."But last year some scientists called for a ban on Sex Robots and even created the Campaign Against Sex Robots.The "International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots" will investigate a growing trend on sex with robots.But it is now being held at London's Goldsmith University.South Asian country Malaysia is home to more than 30 million citizens, a healthy economy, and a stable government that allows its people to thrive.The uniquely beautiful women possess great lust and an open sexual attitude that leads to a plethora of homemade porn videos and a small selection of professional videos, along with content produced by sex tourists.Pictures and a video of the slithering worm have been shared some 82,000 times in Malaysia at the time of writing - discounting views and shares on social media sites in other countries.