", AND, a top of that, he was enabled by Megamates to send me an instant message, although I had blocked him, to insult me even more and more with all kinds of insulting words, to threaten me physically and terroristically even more and more, verbatim,"You opened a can of worms, I'll beat the **** out of you, I'll rape you, I'll kill you....", to the point I couldn't listen anymore to that whole horrible message, but I rushed to block that mailbox he was using, too and report it.

When I called Megamates service to report this, from certain operator a received a rather cold shoulder and an unfriendly attitude.

megamates dating-58

During this time he purchased packages with us on 9/01/14 and 9/12/14. ***** purchase another package and recorded a new public message that was also posted on our public message line.

On 10/2/14 he called into our customer service department to complain about a response that he received from one of our female customers regarding his current public message playing on the line.

I called, having seen that my account is still not deleted, another operator at Megamates, she was willing to help me,but Betty interrupted, tuned in out of blue again, saying she was overhearing everything I was saying and started to argue with me yelling at me endlessly....

I just told her I would need my money of the remainder of the subscription i.e.

I'm also fearing that they gave to the attacker all of my infos so I can expect being physically attacked or even ******, "thanks to" Megamates. This never happened before in my life nor it ever will, trust me.

In short, BEWARE of Megamates dating site, they're not only thieves but criminals obviously! Review: I'm not able to record a greeting on the date line, since mgmt is not allowing my messages on the line, claiming that I am "too negative", therefore I'm not able to avail myself of the service and meet other people.***** complaint his public message was reviewed and determined that the negative response he was reporting was initiated by his public message. ***** and the female customers who are hearing his message may have a better experience it was determined that his public message should be removed and a recording sent to him containing guidance to avoid future negative responses.This was the message that our Quality Control Department sent to Mr.I am being unreasonably censored, whic is causing me to miss opportunities to meet people.Product_Or_Service: Telephone Dating Line Desired Settlement: Desired Settlement ID: Refund I'd like to be permanently part of the record and complaint history against this company.September 29 back, she arrogantly said I wasn't gonna get any refund but she would delete my account, and I finished this nauseating conversation.