By using less potable water, a building will also reduce the amount of energy needed to transport, treat, and redistribute that water, not to mention the cost savings associated with reduced potable water consumption.

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See Condensate capture refers to harvesting condensed water on air handling units to be reused in other applications.

As cool air passes through air handling units, water condensate can form from humid outside air (similar to water droplets forming on the outside of a cold glass of water on a warm, humid day).

Composting toilets use an aerobic process to break down waste by using little or no water.

There are two types of composting toilets: self-contained and split units – both designed to prevent fixture odors.

Exact definitions for what constitutes blackwater vary, but wastewater from toilets and urinals is always considered blackwater.

Water from food preparation areas, shower water, or bathtub water is sometimes considered blackwater, based on state and local laws.

Plug loads can average approximately 30% of electricity use in office settings, much of which can be attributed to parasitic loads.

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Plug loads refer to energy used by equipment that is plugged into an outlet.