Check out also measurements of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Kim Kardashian. This blue eyed and freckled redhead is starring in films since she was a kid.

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Her big bra size always attracted the attention and raised the question if her breasts fake or real.

Well, Lindsay has petite figure and her bust looks incredibly firm on some photos.

As an adult, Lohan's night life with celebrity ex-pals like Paris Hilton have become legendary.

In October 2004 she was hospitalized with "a high fever", in February 2005 she was hospitalized with "chest pains", in January 2006 she was hospitalized after an "asthma attack".

Her mother, however, stressed that Lohan was not an alcoholic, but only attended meetings to show her support for her friends.

In January 2007, about five months before she would be old enough to legally drink alcoholic beverages, Lohan checked into a Los Angeles rehab center, and she has returned to rehab at least five times since then.

In 2002 she signed a multi-album deal with Emilio and Gloria Estefan's Estefan Enterprises.

Her first album, Speak, went platinum, and her 2005 follow-up A Little More Personal (Raw) went gold.

But she apparently doesn’t have any implants or other type of surgical breast augmentation.