Doug Schwab founded Maverick in 1997 and continues to oversee the company.

Maverick's direct relationships with Wal-Mart, REDBOX , AMAZON PRIME , GOOGLE , HULU, NETFLIX, i NDemand and i Tunes allow Maverick to connect with its consumer base through DVD, Video-on-Demand, and streaming.

Maverick supports independent film producers by providing a pipeline of content that streams from filmmakers to movie watchers.

Maverick now in its 20th year in 2017, having released over 800 films over the past 20 years currently controls the world's largest library of African American feature length films.

Maverick currently controls over 400 titles that are distributed both physically and digitally.

Likewise, Maverick accommodates consumers with a consistent flow of the genre films they wish to view.

By maintaining an exemplary reputation within the film and business communities, as well as establishing direct relations with content creators and media providers, Maverick positions itself as a leader within the home entertainment industry.

For Mike, Maverick is all about the creative process.

Delivery and Legal Coordinator [email protected] plays an integral role as the delivery and legal coordinator.

Marine adheres to Maverick’s financial, accounting, and inventory criterion that provide a yellow brick road to a pile of green bills.