The company will stop doing business and employing people.

If the sale occurs less than one year after the purchase date, your profit is subject to the ordinary income tax rate, which may be greater than the capital gains tax rate.

If you sell the share at a loss, that loss can offset any capital gain you earned from the sale of another investment.

Despite shuttering the business, Jawbone believes it is still worth a significant amount of money due to its pending litigation with rival Fitbit, according to the source.

Jawbone, which was once valued as high as $3 billion by private market investors, is the latest pioneer of wearable electronics to throw in the towel.

In either case, you can specify the lowest acceptable sales price per share using special order types.

Your broker will provide a confirmation for the sale of your shares.

You’ll need to restore your company to claim back money after it’s been removed from the register.

Whenever you liquidate a small portfolio or convert the stock to cash, it has financial consequences.

Jawbone was in the process of making a shift to making "clinical-grade" wearable devices that could measure vitals like blood pressure, but the company was having trouble getting the device to work properly, sources told Business Insider.

It's unclear if Jawbone Health Hub will continue work on the device.

Last year, smartwatch maker Pebble sold its assets to Fitbit in a fire sale.