Sex is such a plus with this relationship that it might make up for a lot of things, but it’s best not to sweep those things under the rug.Pisces is a dream lover who can read your mind and shape shift accordingly.

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So, when you put these two together, at least when it comes to this dimension of Leo and Pisces compatibility, they have no problems, or problems rarely come up.

Pisces guys, regardless of how well they look like they have everything in control, are very emotionally needy.

Keep this in mind when analysing Leo and Pisces marriage compatibility.

The lion has serious issues that the Pisces can draw negative energy from, and this impacts their marriage. Planning a wedding, going through with the wedding is not a problem; it is what you do after the wedding that can be quite challenging.

It is very easy for Pisces men to become emotionally manipulative of women.

This relationship often develops in a similar way to the relationship between Leo and Virgo couples.

The Leo might come out as sweet, but the way the Leo does things in the marriage, can make the Pisces feel like he or she is gasping for air. Also, the group must be talking about things that are quite light and superficial. Their emotional incompatibility can easily come up to the surface when things get too heavy too quickly.

In terms of physical matches, the Leo and the Pisces can get along quite well.

The Pisces, being a water sign, can be quite energetic in the physical realm.