Former Miss Universe and Bollywood beauty Lara Dutta and her rumoured tennis star boyfriend, Mahesh Bhupathi have officially announced their relationship with the surprise news that the couple are engaged.

Mahesh Bhupathi announced the news by tweeting “So @Dutta Lara and me got engaged in NY last week.

Lara_Dutta: He's a thorough gentleman, a professional and a great co-star! Lara_Dutta: I play a Rajasthani village girl called Kasey who falls in love with a character played by Abhishek Bachchan.deepak: Which is your favourite number among the ones you have done? Lara_Dutta: I've had a very positive experience so far.

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Lara_Dutta: I would have loved to work with Sanjeev Kumar. Also, she's a friend whom I have known for quite a while now.abheysehgal: How did you get into acting? Regarding the hot figure, I dance everyday for three hours in the morning. I do cardio and weights.preityzintafan4ever: Why didn't you Dubbed for Andaaz?

And I would love to be able to dance like What are the different projects you are working on? Lara_Dutta: Because of the two characters in the film.

Lara_Dutta: Two of them - Rabba Ishq Na Hove and Sayiyan from Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost.barundali: Which do you find more difficult - acting or contesting in beauty contests? As a newcomer, there were a lot of things that I was skeptical about, but till now the going's been good.inktomi: Is your next movie Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost you play a totally unglamourous role.

Don't you think it may effect your image like it did to Gracy Singh after Lagaan?

winky: Are you happy with your current screen image?

Lara_Dutta: Yesrollypolly: Are people considering you as a lucky charm after Andaaz?

And here we take six months to write a story and two years to film it. The only thing is that we cater to a different sensibility.

And it's only now that the West is really opening up to the kind of filmmaking that we have here.merahindustan: So what has been your parents' contribution to your success? Very much so.geetcsl29: Did you get any offers from Hollywood?

Lara_Dutta: There's Bardasht, Jurm (with Bobby Deol), Aan (with Akshay), Raj Kanwar's next film (untitled so far), and other things in the pipeline.geetcsl29: How did you feel working with Priyanka Chopra? They wanted to get the demarcation of characters very clear.