And in an interview with "The one thing I heard on every single film — and I’m telling you there isn’t an exception — whenever I’m up for a role, really no matter how big or small, the answer that I always get from anyone who’s casting me [is], ‘We have to cast the guy first," she explained.

“It’s important to say, ‘Let’s look at this in an equal way.

Unfortunately, you'll never hear a Swift song about their breakup — according to Swift's rep, this rumor was so false.

Kate Bosworth is 34-years-old and was born on January 2, 1983 in Los Angeles, California.

She was born with heterochromia iridum, meaning her right eye is hazel while her left eye is blue.

And it seems that being blonde probably wouldn't hurt.

MOST people know Kate Bosworth from her role as a surfer girl in Blue Crush but the American actress has taken on a very different role in new TV thriller SS-GB.

She went on to land roles in Remember the Titans and cancelled TV series Young Americans.

Her big break came in 2002 when she was cast in Blue Crush.While she made her name on the big screen, Kate is also a darling of the fashion world and has starred in ad campaigns for Tory Burch, Calvin Klein and Topshop.Here's all you need to know about the actress and model.(Even if it is a pretty adorable one.)In conclusion, Skarsgard appears to be very single.Take your shot now, fans — who knows, maybe he'll be open to dating a civilian.While the movie did well at the box office, Kate's performance wasn't well received by the critics.