Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid and his team will face their first division opponent this Sunday in Los Angeles against the Chargers. Andy Reid has brought a steadiness, and reliability to the Chiefs, and anyone old enough to read this is old enough to appreciate that.He spoke about the preparation for AFC West opponents. At halftime against the Eagles, the Chiefs had 130 yards.

Look, I know it’s an obvious choice, and I usually like to mention stuff you might not know about.

But I had these the other night, and they were the best they’ve ever been, so I owe it to myself as a journalist and more importantly to you as a friend to mention them here. I’m encouraged by these initial few weeks of doing more on Facebook, even beyond the weekly live chats.

The Lions beat the Giants, who appear to be an unmitigated mess right now.

It doesn’t mean anything for how the last 14 games will go, and it’s particularly precarious when the Broncos and Raiders are also unbeaten, each with an impressive win — the Broncos blowing out the Cowboys, the Raiders winning at Tennessee. The Chiefs won 12 games last year, have won 24 of their last 28 regular season games, and the win at New England could come in handy at the end of the year when we’re calculating who gets home playoff games.

I’ll be surprised if this isn’t a regular part of what the Chiefs do this year.

In sports, other than the most obvious highlights, it’s so much easier to notice the failures than the successes.If you’re new over there, thank you, and if you’re not over there yet, I humbly ask that you change that. As always, thanks for reading and thanks for your help. The words in the following paragraph are so premature and irrelevant that I would only include them in a silly exercise like this, so with that thrilling disclaimer out of the way: Of the eight 2-0 teams after two weeks, the Chiefs have the most impressive pair of wins. That means nothing, or, at most, it means a lukewarm-mostly-empty-diet-Coke-with-backwash more than nothing. The Chiefs beat everyone’s preseason Super Bowl pick on the road, and then a rising and tough playoff contender at home.The Broncos have won two home games, including one against the Chargers.They’ve run versions of this play before, including the opener against the Patriots.Using two fakes to either sideline is a new wrinkle, and one that makes the play virtually impossible to defend.It’s so much easier to blame a bad play call, than credit a good one. But along with so many others, let’s remember Reid as a crucial part of another impressive win.