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"Unlike New ‘Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay, Single Black Women Rarely Date Outside Their Race," read the headline of the now-deleted story.

The article noted that Lindsay's first kiss on the show was with a man of Colombian descent. Jd HOLa P6 — britni danielle (@Britni DWrites) May 24, 2017 "To further complicate matters, marriage isn't always an option for black women looking for a black partner." Um, WHAT?

#The Bachelorette O4qa6e2 — Vanessa Herring (@Vanessa WBAL) May 24, 2017 NBC News later got involved in the story, questioning whether America is "ready" for interracial dating.

Others pointed out that the data Dear @Newsweek, 2011 called and it wants its headline back.

We ain't using Black women's dating habits for pageviews in 2017, fam.

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In 1986, the overall public was apportioned about this. Rosenfeld, an accomplice instructor of human science at Stanford University, says the revelations aren’t astonishing and reflect the continuation of an example found over the span of late decades. When I use as a Mastercard, I never whenever get checked, regardless of the way that my name is clearly NOT David.

I am African-American and have been hitched for more than 35 years to a heavenly since a long time back legged blonde. Instantly, on the off chance that he goes to utilize his own card at the same careful stores, they card him each and every time! So sad to me, yet so true blue and basic on what we experience over hypotheses … I am white and Mexican at any rate you can’t see the Mexican in me. We live in the Tampa-district common areas not a long way from the best doltish Confederate flag in America.

"Lindsay stands out, however, not only because she is the first non-white woman to helm a ‘Bachelorette' season, but because black women so rarely date beyond their own cultures," reporter Janice Williams wrote.