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We believe the Pre-K through twelfth grade experience at Indian Creek School is unique and remarkable, and we cannot wait to introduce your family to our program!

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GPS/Locations: : (N 42.37028 / W 76.89696) Directions: From the Thruway, take exit 42 (Geneva/Lyons) and follow Rt 14 south, through Geneva, and continue south along Seneca Lake for 33 miles to the village of Watkins Glen. Winter weather damages the trails, and the Parks Department has to begin repairs in early spring to prepare for the gorge trails’ opening in May.

The park entrance is in the middle of the village, to your right. Parking: There are three main parking areas in the park, but the main entrance is the best place if you will be walking the Gorge Trail. Substantial damage to the walkways can mean a delayed opening.

A short descriptive guide from the 1930s with black and white photos of different parts of the park. Repairs are done with mortared limestone to keep consistent with the CCC-era construction and to blend in with the surrounding glen.

These photos show the concrete and iron style of walkways and bridges that existed before the CCC-era stonework. Located just beyond Jacobs Ladder at the end of the Gorge Trail, the New York Central Railroad Bridge was first built in 1877 and destroyed by the Flood of 1935.

Check this dam out when the water is high to see a photogenic man-made waterfall streaming from it.

Further west is Glen Creek Dam, which is almost completely filled with silt and stone.

The stream bed was wider (before levies were installed), and a caretaker’s quarters and old mill stood where the parking lot is now.

It was rebuilt shortly after with stronger concrete supports and bulkier steel.

The gorge to the left used to be dammed and this hole was cut out of the rock in the 1830s to make way for a flume that carried water down to the old mill, which was located in the parking area.