Idea: Have a "Missionary Activity Day" where the children get to learn different aspects of missionary work.You can have several stations where the children spend five to ten minutes before rotating to another station.

In another room have the children mix dry ingredients for cookies.

Give each child some of this mix, along with the recipe to finish the cookies, in a baggie to take home.

We began with a beautiful story about a mother whose living example taught her daughter about serving with love and used a white handkerchief as an object lesson.

We then had them make scripture bookmarks, (made from plastic canvas and 1/8 inch ribbon in many color choices.

A member of the Primary Presidency then presents the Gospel in Action Award in Primary opening or closing exercises.

Other Awards: Faith in God -- LDS religious award for Cub Scouts; On My Honor Adult Recognition -- given to adult Scout leaders, including Cub Scout leaders.

Each year we pick a theme using the Achievement Day Booklet as a guide.

(This is our 3rd year) This year we invited Mothers and Daughters.

(This is all done in the cultural hall.) Some of the youth from the ward act as tempters -- trying to get the children to play with beach balls, play games, or eat popcorn. Idea: Make family home evening lessons for a primary quarterly activity. In one room have the children prepare the main lesson.

In another room have the children make a game or activity to go along with the lesson.

So while she and her father changed clothes, we had a brief slide-show.