With the usual six suspenders the back ones caused uncomfortable suspender sitting.

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These are perfect for comfortable support and were quite easily worn 20/7, relaxing only for a few hours in the evening before resuming them for bed and fully tightening on rising in the morning.

I then graduated to a long under-bust corset during the day, keeping everything including my tummy, under control by lacing my now natural 36 inch waist to 34 inches and slept in a ribbon waist cincher.

Unlike some boys I did not sneak family members corsets to try them on.

I was measured and fitted for a laced girdle by mothers Spencer Corsetiere when aged just 13 in an attempt to hide serious puppy fat.

A heart attack revealed my tight lacing and I was faced with the medical instruction to cease constricting my chest.

This I did, but my dependence on support to my back and tummy after nearly fifty years of rigid corseting all day every day was difficult to overcome and after persevering for months without or using panty girdles but still suffering almost constant pain led me to try light ribbon corsets.

When I started College I could now wear my corset all day long as my female contemporaries did their much lighter styles.

Eventually I had lost all my puppy fat and could have gone without a corset or at least worn a light girdle.

I actually found no discrimination when buying in major department stores, sales ladies were clearly used to men buying corsets as one would accompany me to a gents changing room on another floor to try on my intended purchase.