In fact, the convict population reached a record 63,000 on Aug.31 but gradually declined over the next three months.He is a 1986 honor graduate of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol’s 42nd Academy.

In a related matter, six months ago an estimated 14,461 prison inmates were deemed to be in need of mental health services.

That was an increase of 3,402 (or 30 percent) over the number of Oklahoma prisoners who were considered in need of mental health services at the end of Fiscal Year 2011, records reflect.

He was inducted into the Oklahoma National Guard’s Officer Candidate School (OCS) Hall of Fame in 2014.

Adams holds a Master's of Strategic Studies Degree from the US Army War College and a Bachelor from the University of Central Oklahoma.

In 2015, Chief Adams was inducted into the Elk City Oklahoma Leadership Hall of Fame.

Notably, US Army Major General (Retired) Ricky Adams is a combat veteran who recently retired after 35 years of Army service.

The respect and traditions of our agency has been earned and maintained by the selfless dedication to duty of our members, both past and present.

I pledge to be a good steward of that tradition and ensure that our path is firmly grounded in our Core Mission and Values as we move into this 21st century".

Oklahoma’s prison system count was 55,244 two years ago (as of November 30) – indicating an increase of 7,357 convicts in the last 24 months.

The Legislature has mandated stiffer penalties for numerous offenses, and adds to the list of crimes every year.

Jim was a commercial construction manager, a bank builder. Jim John Douglas Robison, a resident of Tulsa, passed away December 26, 2017 at the age of 80.