Not a bad fragrance by any means but not a safe blind buy. I have a bottle from 2008 and it has beastly performance. From what i've heard, last formulation is lighter and more wearable. I’m a lover of old school fougerres so I bought this about 10 months ago, bottle half empty and I still don’t know if I like it.This is my husband's signature perfume, nothing beats this,he's been wearing this for years. One of the strangest fragrances I have ever come across.These kind of combine to give it a well-to-do, peacock type thing. Smells clean, fairly formal and old school - what you'd expect from the packaging. It smells pleasant enough but certainly doesn't blow me away or stand out in any way that I can discern.

To me, it's a fall, winter and early spring fragrance. I'm a woman and i wear grey flannel very nicely as some other men's frags. If you like green, woody notes combined by powder and violet then don't hesitate. This is elegant and crisp, the out of the bathroom smell. It's just the galbanum be patient, after 15 mins you will have an aura of moss, vetiver and the most green violet note you've ever tried.

An important factor is the dab on bottle which allows you to apply on the spots you wish.

Astringent opening which isn't displeasing but is quite particular and a tiny bit medicinal. I read on here that Grey Flannel is green, but it comes across to me as GREEEEEEEEEN, and unfortunately in a horrible synthetic, acrid, almost acidic kind of way. I blind purchased a 120ml (4fl.oz) bottle of this hoping it might be similar in some ways to my beloved Tuscan Soul and Acqua di Parma Colonia.

Gender wise it's bipolar - rather than being a unisex blend that sits in the middle, it has properties of an ultra male old-money utilitarian harshness and a floral femininity (and slight powderiness). Also, the reviews for it were, overall, positive and the price was so good. My expectations for Grey Flannel were clearly way too high!

the only downside imo is the sprayer which is not controllable and u can not spray small doses.

i think it's one of the worst atomizers I've ever seen.

and one last thing , as mentioned by others below i think its unisex and women can wear it too.

Grey Flannel is what my first love, who died too young, wore. The violet note dominates, but there's a cashmere sweater warmth to Grey Flannel, probably stemming from the cedar.

2, I WOULD give this fragrance to my worst enemy.3 if there was ever a fragrance to discontinue I sacrifice Grey flannel as tribute.

Bring back blue sugar or Escada magnetism those I hear were bomb af. Understand it though use this beast sparingly two sprays are enough.

i appreciate the value and i can understand that a lot of people might love this. For me it's definitely the most underrated masterpiece.