Read the Final Order here The Federal District Court in Maine granted the USA's request for dismissal of the pecuniary interest count. If you like, you can also read a few of Glenn Baxter's thoughts on Karol Madera, including Baxter's comments, which apparently refer to the Nazi's and Soviets gang-raping Karol Madera's mother.

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The same evening Madera told Frank or Fred, from Dallas, that he would visit him on Halloweeen to carve a jack-o-lantern into his belly, Madera stated that Laura Smith of the FCC had sucked him off, both literally and figuratively. Smith has previously stated that she has never met Madera and that she would refuse the invitation if offered. Madera to the FCC (and other federal offices) are routinely directed to the electronic dustbin before they're even delivered.

Incidentally, impugning the chastity of a woman is known as 'defamation per se' and Mrs.

Madera's violent sexual threats, harassment, stalking, and coercive verbal abuse, along with his frequent incitement to murder, have been reported to Industry Canada and the Saanich Police since at least 2005.

To date, Madera remains on the air, where he is frequently heard inciting known criminals and the mentally ill to murder his serial targets.

He sent us the most disgusting, sexually oriented letters. Laura Smith of the Federal Communications Commission could also testify to Madera's harassment, as well as his disgusting sexually oriented behavior toward his female victims, since she is also a victim of Karol Madera's disturbing sexually-oriented harassment and stalking.

A staggering number of emails were sent to Smith by Madera, after he was explicitly advised to cease and desist, and a year later, he can still be heard inciting others to write letters on his behalf...

A complaint was also made to RCMP regarding the alleged stalking, harassment, and intimidation of a different female.

This complaint against Madera was made by a woman in Parksville, British Columbia.

Using his powerful shortwave radio transmitting apparatus in Saanich, British Columbia, Canada, Karol Florian Madera has threatened United States officials, incited violent criminals to commit murder, and called on al Qaida to murder Americans.

He has stalked and harassed children as young as 7 years old.

This is simply the latest episode in Madera's history of terroristic threats, stalking, and sexual harassment of women and children.