The journo did recognise the fact that he was testing a grand tourer rather than a sports car like the MGB.Either that or he had been looked after rather well by BMC.

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Anyway this chap called Oliver Smith runs a business called Motor Wheel Service International, MWS, which was started in 1927, yes that’s right, it during the Bentley time and he now runs this family business that his grandfather bought in 1947.

He tells a wonderful story about Dunlop wheels and its competitors Dayton and Borrani which are still around today.

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Oliver mentions the two common hub sizes: 42mm for most cars and 52mm mainly used for Jags and of course Rolls Royce used lots of other sizes.

MWS makes their own spokes “the spokes are thicker (or butted) at the end which goes through the wheel centre to make the spokes stronger, but the spoke size is determined by the smaller diameter of the main part of the wire and not the butted end.I was settling into the old wingback browsing through the August 2017 edition of the MG Enthusiast and started reading a wonderful article called Wire Wheels.You might be able to pick it up now from the news stands.Creating A SPARK: Developing A Self-directed Intervention (SPARK) To Increase Moderately Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA) In People With Ch Ronic Kidney Disease Not Requiring Renal Replacement Therapy (non-RRT CKD). There were several answers to a query from an owner on the "MG Experience" MGC Forum about setting the tappets.In fact on leaving the October Register meeting that well known spelling error, TD Mc Nobb, thought that Dean’s BV8 sounded wonderful until he heard that beautiful six cylinder throb, (err... ) “With the throttle floored at, say 1500 rpm, the car takes some time to build up speed until the engine reaches 3000 rpm when it begins to pull firmly and continues to do so with silky smoothness right up to 5600 rpm limit, at which it sounds quite unstrained.” “As might be expected from a capacity increase of over a litre (compared to the MGB) the fuel consumption has gone up, but the difference is small.