If you want to travel from zone 5 to zone 1 with a zone 2-4 travelcard it will charge you the cheaper of two methods: either a zone 5 single and a zone 1 single; or a zone 5-1 single (as if you didn’t have a travelcard).** Note that there is a special arrangement when you hold a travelcard covering zone 2 and you make a through NR Tf L journey covering zone 1.

Rather than pay the inflated through zone 1 fare you will be charged the lower Tf L zone 1 fare.

Most of the time this will only make a few pence difference, but it can be more.

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Our plugins & interfaces are built in close partnership with the respective providers to guarantee a perfect usage of the present services. With the Smart Import, you can easily transfer almost all of the data (*) from your existing Smart Shop.

* Detailed information about the exact coverage of the import can be found here SofortÜberweisung is the direct transfer scheme of SOFORT AG.

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This is another of the great benefits for Oyster users over paper tickets, yet some of those benefits are not explained very well on the Tf L site.

If you have a travelcard season stored on your Oyster and want to travel beyond the covered zones then you can use your pay-as-you-go balance to pay for the extra bit (or bits).

And now the OEP* has been abolished you don’t need to worry about doing anything special, apart from touching in and out at both ends of your journey.

This is very important, however, because the system still needs to know what journey you have made to charge you correctly.

As of December 2017, 2,618 vehicles have been ordered for six operators: The first order for Aventra trains covered 70 Class 345 nine-car EMUs (with an option for 17 more) for the London Crossrail project.