Neither when opening from explorer nor opening from excel already opened. I was placing I in a module instead of in the ‘This Workbook’. The ribbon including the ribbon headings are completely hidden now.

If I open up a new workbook the ribbon comes back — so it is completely isolated to the workbook I put the code into the ‘this workbook’.

Read that some ppl have issues with the before close event and saw someone posted this code to correct it in excel 2003 Going to try this code one more time just to see what it does Ok this just restores the window — maximises it — it does not accomplish what I want at all.

CTRL F1 is the shortcut to minimize and maximize the ribbon So can use this code: To hide ribbon: Both with true and false So can’t get it to open with ribbon minimized Tried using this code too: From: But it didn’t work.

So people can: Print, Save / Save As, and Exit all from the File menu.

So really should just hide the other toolbars in excel 2003 and minimize the ribbon in excel 2007/2010 Ok.

I usually switch off screen updating, unprotect the sheet, run the code, protect the sheet again and switch on screen updating.

You'll need to password protect the code to hide the password.

It’s almost like full screen mode does opposite things in the different versions.

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This is interesting and means that the problem I was having before of all workbook opening in full screen mode after the code was in the module may be solved by having putting it in the ‘this workbook’ module.

Ok so can have the ribbon minimized on opening by using: In the ‘This Workbook’ of Excel Objects So does this cause problems in excel 2003? BUT it opens that annnnnooooyyying toolbar to the right.

How to hide toolbars when opening in excel 2003 This thread has awesome ways to make the presentation better: Making This Post: Title: Hide command bars in 2003 and minimize the ribbon in 2007 on open – same workbook Hi all, Have been slaving away for 6 hours or so trying to find a solution to this. I need a macro to run when opened that will minimize the ribbon for 2007/2010 users and hide the commandbars excluding the worksheet menu bar for 2003 users. What was happening is that I had Hide Command Bars as a sub in the module!!!!