There is no reference to Meroitic royalty in it, an implication that the area was already in some way subject to Aksum(Axum, Akhsum), and a clear statement that it was the Noba who were the main enemy.This suggest that the Meroitic royal house and the administration associated with it had already disappeared, and it is tempting to see the Noba as the agents of final Meroitic collapse.If this document is to be taken at face value, always a difficult matter with boastful royal inscriptions of this type, we must assume that Aksum(Axum) had established an authority over Meroe sufficient to warrant a campaign to maintain its authority.

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The problem of the identity of the Noba and the archaeological material that perhaps can be identified with them will be discussed furhter below, but it is now necessary to look to the Eritrean, north Ethiopian highland and to say something of the origins and history of the kingdom which so suddenly and dramatically irrupted into the Nile Valley.

The origins of the Aksumite kingdom go back well into the first millenium BC, when settlers from Syria introduced Semitic languages, building in stone, and literacy.

Unfortunately the exact conditions of discovery of this inscription are not known, but Sayce, who published the piece, says it was brought to him at Meroe, and it probably came from there.

The only other Aksumite object from Meroe is one copper coin found in excavations of 1969-70; this coin, though it does not bear the name of Ezana, is of about his time and, since it bears the symbol of a cross, cannot be earlier than AD 350.

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Ras Woldemichael Selomon was the last sovereign of Mereb Milash.

Two of these are described as riding on camels, and a priest from whom a silver crown and a gold ring were taken was also killed.

The troops of Ezana then attacked both up and down the Nile from a point neat the junction of the Nile and the Atbara, and at this Junction Ezana erected a throne, presumably similar to stone platforms known from the neighbourhood of Aksum(Axum).

the archaeological evidence from there is very difficult to interpret owing to the surface erosion that has taken place, but it seems likely that occupation continued very much later - even if the centralized administration associated with royalty may have come to an end.