MMORPG has been dominating the gaming industry for a long time now but recently websites like Zapak have been offering free online arcade games. In near future do u feel that arcade games would overtake or equal to the might of MMORPG?Ashi Well, I think these two types of games differ in their targeted markets.

On a technology level just look at how many years it took for films to advance to the current state.

But I believe that games can be much more than mere technology show-cases, I believe they are capable of invoking deep emotions, in ways similar to books and films, but interactive.

Most of the players would duplicate/hack game items, attempt to corrupt other users game saves, crash the server, and make idling in public lobbies an extremely unpleasant experience. It is same reason why you have such a raging display of testosterone on Socom US Navy SEALs, or why people who play 2D Fighting games online yank their ethernet cord before a loss can effect their ranking.

Here is another example that is a bit more personal, but I am sure everyone can attest to: Has anyone had friends over to play multiplayer games, only to have someone/everyone get extremely frustrated?

They play the game merely to setup a social environment where they can place themselves higher on some hypothetical totem pole.

Interestingly enough, it isn't just losing that can bring out such traits, but a winners gloating and insecure taunts can do just the same. To let the others know how terrible the online games are.BTW, may I paste it to my team blog in English ( Chinese authors writing in English ) with a backlink and announcement to this ? i really appreciate the efforts by u to translate the entire stuff.Ever been on a walk on an empty street, and some person in his Camero feels the need to rev his engine and roar out of the intersection just because you are there? Without discouragement, the many players will bypass all rules in order to raise to a position in the game that would give them the largest social response.A perfect example of this would be Phantasy Star Online.The number one question people should be asking themselves is: "Does this game present a story that is worth experiencing, or does this game have a unique game design mechanic that I enjoy playing in the moment?