Philip Hammond has contradicted his own deputy by insisting the UK will pay its £45bn Brexit “divorce bill” even if no trade deal is struck with the EU.The Chancellor said it was “inconceivable that we would walk away from obligations”, regardless of the success or failure of the final negotiations.To calm Tory anger, Ms Truss, answering an emergency question last week, pledged that payments would only be made in return for a trade deal – suggesting no firm commitment.

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Later, Downing Street rejected Mr Hammond's comments, insisting the mantra that “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed” applied to the divorce bill as much as to other parts of the negotiations.

The Chancellor also said he would deliver his first Spring Statement on March 13, after the Budget was shifted to the autumn from last month.

The 2010 divorce figure was one of the first increases in several years and as we previously reported , was up 4.9% on the 2009 total. Interesting to compare these to the marriage statistics too - but we won't get the full stats from the ONS until next year.

If you look at where the line goes up there's an interesting - if small - trend: there are peaks in the early 1980s, 1990s, 2000s and the increase in 2010 before the slight drop with the 2011 rate. The data is below - check out the attached spreadsheet for loads more, including details about children and causes.

However, he downplayed expectations of major tax and spending changes, saying: “It is not a major fiscal event.

Britain caved in to the EU on the opening day of the Brexit talks, when it agreed to settle its “divorce” before trying to negotiate a future trade deal.It also directly contradicted his own deputy, Treasury Chief Secretary Liz Truss, who pledged - just seven days ago - that payment was “contingent” on Brussels delivering a trade deal.Mr Hammond also confirmed that the Cabinet had not agreed, or even discussed, an “end state position” for what it hopes to achieve when trade talks finally begin with Brussels.Of the 2012 total, almost half of these divorces occurred in the first 10 years of marriage, with divorces most likely to occur between the fourth and eighth wedding anniversary.The ONS release also shows that 71% of divorces were for first marriages.“Yet they don’t even know what they want that relationship to be once they make that progress.