All architects registered and practicing in Bermuda - over 80 in 2012 - must be members of the Institute of Bermuda Architects.There, they are listed both by individual name and by name of firm. For particulars about Bermuda architecture not in this file please refer to the Institute, which has its own website.

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In the tranquil days before the arrival of the automobile (1948) and construction of the Harrington Sound Road.

Extract from one of the paintings by Ethel and Catherine F. Bermuda architecture today refers to the style, not the construction.

One of the most famous of local architects is Will Onions.

In all his designs, he reflected the traditional spirit of the well-proportioned Bermuda home with external chimneys and buttresses, Flemish gables, low overhanging eaves, top-hung shutters, U-shaped courtyards and butteries, a large drawing room with fireplace and wooden floors, dining room with fireplace, a master bedroom with fireplace, additional bedrooms likewise, French doors from the master suite and the living room that opened onto a large porch with loads of character; and, whenever possible, furniture made from Bermuda cedar.

It follows closely the style often referred to as British Colonial, found throughout the Caribbean (800 miles to the south) Then, much of the construction was local, including the limestone (instead of concrete block), all roof slates, and native cedar wood.

Nowadays, all construction workers in Bermuda must by law be Bermudian, and the concrete block and some roof slate they use is made locally.

Larger Bermuda homes, including many properties now hotels, are also mostly English in architecture too, more in the line of mansions instead of cottages, in some cases, instead of English, along the lines of Scottish manses.

Local Legislation protects 800 historically important buildings built of Bermuda stone from 1619.

Both a guide and specification document for contractors and home owners alike on all matters concerning traditional residential construction.