He threatens to make her life a living hell, saying she needs to pay up or it’ll get ugly.

Without giving away the ending, the audience expects anything can happen because it’s left thinking Newell is dealing with a psychopath.

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Also Read: George W Bush Shades Trump, Decries ' Bullying and Prejudice in Our Public Life' (Video) “He’s got the narcissism, a talent for deception, a callousness, a lack of empathy, and the sense that he can’t connect to human beings in any meaningful way,” said Goffard.

“His only real pleasure in life is inflicting maximum pain on other people.” There have been other true crime podcasts that have stormed the podcast charts before, “Serial” being the go-to example.

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First-rate production, coupled with an amazing narrative grounded in the ubiquity of online dating — and the specter of horror stories like the one Newell endured still being out there.

Now, with “Dirty John” sitting atop the podcast rankings for three weeks and counting, Goffard hopes the story not only entertains, but acts as a warning sign.The voice behind the world’s top-ranked podcast is a first-timer. I don’t even record my interviews,” Chris Goffard, narrator and writer of the hit “Dirty John” pod, told The Wrap. old, old school.” But the podcast’s success has been anything but beginner’s luck. Also Read: Quentin Tarantino on Harvey Weinstein: ' I Wish I Had Taken Responsibility for What I Heard' Goffard takes listeners through the gripping whirlwind marriage between a successful Orange County businesswoman, who is just as unsuccessful at picking husbands, and her new prince charming. Times reporter’s six-part series has rocketed to the number one spot on the Apple podcast charts because it examines two common, intriguing phenomenons: the often fleeting search for love, and the capability of humans to inflict the cruelest of emotional and physical abuses.Pushing 60 and with four divorces to her name, Debra Newell is desperate to find her one true soulmate.She’s starry eyed when she matches on a dating site with John Meehan, a fit mid-50s doctor.And the score from “master” composer Jeff Schmidt, according to Lowe, was integral in creating a growing sense of urgency as the podcast goes on.