There are those who are aware and those who are not aware.

However, acknowledgement doesnt bring understanding of what these NWO freaks really want or how they got into places of power.

Welcome to What We Learned This Week, a digest of the most curiously important facts from the past few days.

A structure that yields ANTI CHRIST behavior from the masses.

In dating one of the first questions asked is, What do you do for a living? For each item question, "Did I design and build this?

When studied it reveals truths concerning the world you live within. The Forbidden Knowledge is not taught in Government controlled schools and there is a good reason.

Someone doesnt want the masses to realize what they have done.

Control of thought leads to the control of destinies.

with the masses being dependent on stores, stores being dependent on distributors, distributors being dependent on manufacturers and manufacturers being dependent on Government.One should find it interesting that Government approved textbooks still reflect that Thomas Edison invented the light bulb and Direct Current and are void in mentioning important research such as Erichs.Most people who have studied electricity would tell you Edison invented the light bulb.In fact, it began long before your Great Great Grand Parents were even born. Within the documentary dramatic video footage was shown that revealed with a form within it that had the likings of a serpent, obviously representing some kind of light source. Since 1867 the Department of Education makes policy as to what you and your children learn in school and makes absolutely no effort in maintaining the accuracy of text books.In September 1996 the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) aired a documentary based on Erichs book, Chariots of the Gods? Erich was curious if it worked so he took extensive notes of these hieroglyphs and had the light bulb built to ancient Egyptian specifications. Without maintaining their accuracy, the truth will never be taught.If people were misled (and they were), it is their own fault for being naive enough to expect the truth from Government and Politicians that have steadily increased their ability to lie to the people since 1861. Consumerism breads laziness because no longer do the masses have to think for themselves.