Extended Cowgirl From Cowgirl Embrace, you can tell her to stretch her legs out so she’s almost flat. Or you can tell her, “hold still for a minute”, and tilt your pelvis up and down to thrust in and out of her.

Think your natural-born bashful tendencies are keeping you single? While you may sometimes feel anxious, uncertain, and/or insecure when it comes to dating, the truth is that the right kind of woman will appreciate your unassuming ways. If you’re a shy guy, you’ll need to start projecting self-confidence when dealing with women, even if you don’t fully feel it yet.

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After all, if you’re feeling bashful in the moment, you don’t want to have to spend a ton of time sorting out which limb is supposed to go where.

You also don’t want to have to worry about contorting your body into crazy angles and risking the possibility of repeatedly slipping out.

This is a super easy position to get into, but it’s still uncommon enough to prevent sex from feeling boring.

Cowgirl Sometimes it’s nice to let the lady take control for a change!

You can move nice and slow, and your penis will naturally glide against her G-spot.

You’re in essentially the same position as Missionary, so the movement should feel natural to you.

Cowgirl Embrace While she’s on top, reach your arms up and wrap them around her waist.

Tell her, “come down here,” and pull her down to your chest.

Bridge From Missionary, sit up so you’re resting on your knees. She’ll be in a low bridge position, with her feet flat on the bed and her hips in the air. This position is really easy to maneuver into from Missionary, but the angle is completely different.