3.2 Members shall (depending on the Membership Option) be entitled to use and enjoy (in common with other Members and guests and invitees of the Proprietor) the Club premises and facilities provided by the Proprietor for the use of the Club on such terms and conditions as the Proprietor may from time to time stipulate, including as to payment for special facilities.

A Member shall cease to be entitled to use the Club Premises on termination of membership – even if such Member has not used up his usage entitlement under his Membership Option.

If you are currently receiving medical care for cancer then please refer to our Comfort and Care Treatments by Germaine De Capuccini.

If you are in remission/all clear then you may choose any treatment from the treatment menu providing you have not been recommend by your health care professional to avoid having beauty treatments.

2.1 The Club is a proprietary club owned by the Proprietor.

2.2 The Proprietor shall be responsible for providing the Club with the Club Premises and all facilities that it may deem appropriate for carrying on the Club in accordance with these objects and rules.

If cancellation notice is not received and we are unable to re-allocate the space, your membership visit will be forfeited and guests’ visits will be charged at the full fee, applied to your membership account.

We hold your appointments just for you and ask that you give 24 hours’ notice of cancellation.If less than 48 hours notice of cancellation or reschedule is given you will be charged up to 100% of the total booking fee.Please be aware we require cancellation notice the day prior to your booking.Activation must take place within the first 3 months of the voucher issue date.Spa Experience vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase (unless otherwise stated).2.3 The Members of the Club shall be under no financial liability by reason of the membership of the Club save to pay:- 2.3.1 any joining fee applicable to the Membership Option, 2.3.2 the membership subscription (which will be determined from time to time by the Proprietor), 2.3.3 at the rate from time to time determined by the Proprietor for the use or supply of any special facilities (including food and beverages) that may from time to time be provided by the Proprietor to the Member or that Member’s guest or guests, and 2.3.4 for additional visits over each Member’s usage entitlements (relevant to the Membership Option) at the rate stated as the current rate applicable from time to time.