The Jacquard system can automatically tell when you’re wearing the jacket, and it sets up your phone to a kind of biking mode.

It reads texts aloud either through the phone itself (which is meant to nestle is a special inside pocket on the left breast) or through your headphones.

More than a year after it was announced and two years after we first saw a demonstration of touch-sensitive fabric, the Levi’s jacket with a smart sleeve is finally going on sale.

I’ve been wearing this Levi’s Commuter Trucker jacket for a few days now and it’s very nice. And by swiping or tapping the fabric on the left cuff, I have been able to control my smartphone.

It can be configured to only allow calls and texts from important people.

To start, there aren’t a ton of things you can do with the cuff.

Whether those things add up to a $350 value — the price of this jacket — is entirely a different question.

It’s targeted at people who commute by bike, and I think the only people beyond that target market are going to be a few techies and people who just really like jean jackets.

You then pair it to an app on your phone and go through a little tutorial that sets up the three different gestures you can configure. There’s a forth gesture, just holding your hand on the fabric, which is hard-coded to just shutting your phone up.

The idea is that when you’re on a bike, you can just reach over and brush your sleeve to interact with your phone and get audio cues.

It works with both Android and i Phone, by the way.

A standard Levi’s trucker jacket costs 8, though Levi’s has been quick to point out that designer denim jackets can run well over 0.

My favorite is that you can set your home or work address.